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Harv Productions, LLC is a production company based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. We are working with reporters, news outlets, and local residents to bring small town stories into a larger landscape. We work hard to ensure that our content is reliable, trustworthy, and interesting. 

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We’ll do the Hard Part

Do you have a big idea that you are dying to talk about, but don’t know where to begin when it comes to editing your content? We know that editing audio for hours on end isn’t how most people want to spend their time. You talk into the mic – we will handle the rest. Having your own podcast is not impossible! Work with us to make your dream a reality.

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Our Inspiration

Harv Productions LLC was named after late Northumberland County Judge William Harvey Wiest, or, as he is fondly remembered by his grandchildren, Bacca. Bacca was a well-respected man in our community and a mentor to many.  He served the Northumberland County to the best of his ability and made decisions in the name of justice everyday. We share in his passions and are guided by his teachings.