The Murder of Arabella Parker

OCtober 10, 2019

Three year-old Arabella Parker was brutally beaten by her mother’s boyfriend, Jahrid Burgess, on October 10, 2019. The child spent 44 days in Geisinger Medical Center before succumbing to her injuries of November 22, 2019. Samantha Delcamp, Parker’s mother, her boyfriend, Jahrid Burgess, and his mother, Christi Willis, have all been convicted by jury of their roles in Parker’s death. All three are currently serving their time in prison.

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Our Work

On August 10, 2022, Harv Productions, LLC filed a Right to Know request with Northumberland County Children & Youth asking for documents pertaining to the case of Arabella Parker. The county denied our request on September 8. After appealing to the Office of Open Records, we were given the social media messages between the Children and Youth caseworker and Jahrid Burgess. See the messages here.